The Art of Walking - exhibition (UK)

Urban Halo (2013) and Walking Portraits: Performing Asphalts (2012) will be exhibited on the forthcoming exhibition ‘The Art of Walking' from Walking the Land arts collective. The exhibition includes 'Laurie Lee: Poetry, Art and Landscape'.

Catalogue (printed or online) with all artists and artworks can be viewed and ordered via this link

Date: 6 September - 5 October 2014, 
Venue: Museum in the Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire (UK)

Ionic Cultural Festival - exhibition (Greece)

After invitation to exhibit in this year’s cultural festival, Urban Halo (2013) will be exhibited at the forthcoming Ionic Cultural Festival exhibition on digital and video arts from 14 contemporary Greek artists.  

Date: 1 September - 5 October 2014

Venue: Alsos Neas Smirnis, Athens (Greece)

Organization: Ionic Cultural Festival (Φεστιβάλ Ιωνικές Γιορτές)

GOPLACIA | Exhibition at TAF Foundation (Athens, 29.5 - 22.6)


I will be part of the forthcoming group exhibition entitled ‘Goplacia’, which will take place at metamatic:taf gallery in Athens. The exhibition will be curated by Nansy Charitonidou and it was selected through the Open Call for Curators that the gallery runs every year.

The exhibition was selected through the annual Curatorial Open Call organized by metamatic:taf for the fourth consecutive year addressing young curators under 35 years - old, giving them the opportunity to propose a group contemporary art exhibition which is realized in metamatic:taf’ s exhibition spaces.

Goplacia is a word coined by the English humanist, politician and writer Sir Thomas More, taken from his book Utopia (1516); it originates from the Greek words ou and topos. In his text he thoroughly describes the sociopolitical life in an imaginary place, a fictional island located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, where an ideal democratic political system is being implemented. The word Goplacia is translated by More as Eutopia. The definition connotes the existence of a different place, a new destination, which fulfils a goal. It treats the impossible as feasible and provides a questioning of other places, not so much in a sense of the utopian or the unviable, but as a targeted achievement of a personal destination.

Each artist approaches the subject in different ways, using personal means and suggesting new ways of interaction with their own environment. As noted by Luis Mumford: “We have set utopia over against the world. As a matter of fact, it is our utopias that make the world tolerable to us… The more men react upon their environment and make it over after a human pattern, the more continuously do they live in utopia”. Thus, their artistic practices lead us into a voyage towards the imaginative, either by using poetic, symbolic or political implications or by proposing a new psychogeography of the place, in order to be seen in new associations and uses.

Participating artists: Angeliki Avgitidou, Maria Gouveli, Yiannis Grigoriadis, Eleni Mouzakiti, Vasilis Botoulas, Vasilis Bouzas, Leda Pavli, Giorgos Tserionis, Yiannis Christakos, Bill Psarras

Exhibition blog:

Curated by: Nansy Charitonidou

Opening: Thursday 29.05.2014, 20:30

Duration: 29 May - 22 June 2014

Gallery: Metamatic:taf (Athens)


Interview at 4HUMANITIES ‘The Time & Space of the City’

Interview of Bill Psarras for 4Humanities website (March 2014 issue). The interview was given to Dr. Eva Kekou (international correspondent of the website), on issues of contemporary art practice in the city. Read the interview here: The time and space of the city

(Source: billpsarras)

Walking the senses in the city: Psychogeography as an artistic method || Workshop at Ionian University (Greece)

Glad to have been invited to run a workshop in Ionian University (Greece) and Dept. of AudioVisual Arts annual festival at the beautiful Corfu island. This year department goes 10 years old, so it feels nice to be back as an alumni during their celebrations, exhibitions and events of the 8th Audiovisual Arts Festival! My contributions will include a workshop I’ll run entitled “Walking the senses in the city: Psychogeography as an artistic method” (Thursday 15/5, 10:00am) and a paper/talk for the 2-day symposium “Metamorphoses of Corporeality: Art-Body-Technology” (Friday-Saturday 16-17/5) with a range of speakers from Greece, Italy, Portugal and US.

Symposium talk at ‘Personal Geographies’ of Investigation Series (London)

I will be presenting a talk entitled “Geographies on foot: Performing the mundane” at the symposium ‘One to One: A seminar on Personal Geographies’; organized by curatorial team at the Rag Factory (London, 27/4/2014) - together with Danny McNally cultural geographer (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Luca Ponticelli graphic designer (Central Saint Martins).

Location: The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, E1 5LJ, London (UK), Date: 27 April 2014

Conference talk at The British Sociological Association Conference [Leeds]

On 24th of April, I gave a conference talk at the The British Sociological Association Conference 2014 entitled “Changing Society”, which took place at University of Leeds premises. My paper (panel: Cities, Space, Mobilities, Place) focused on the potential alterations on the metaphor of Walter Benjamin’s “botanizing”. The panel was chaired by Dr. Robin Smith (Cardiff University, Wales).

Interview for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review Magazine (March 2014)

Interview of Bill Psarras for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review Magazine (March 2014 issue). The interview is available in HD format in the following embedded issue:

Kathimerini newspaper (Visual Dialogues 2013 special issue)

The parallel workshops of Onassis Foundation on Visual Dialogues 2013 exhibition have been published in a special issue of Kathimerini Greek newspaper (8 December 2013). There is a short interview of me entitled ‘The Urban Walker’, talking on my exhibited work entitled Urban Halo.


Όλα είναι δρόμος - POPAGANDA

Interview I gave to Eva Kekou for Popaganda Magazine (25/11/2013) regarding my latest artwork in the exhibition of Visual Dialogues 2013 - Onassis Foundation (in Greek)

Εικαστικοί Διάλογοι 2013 | Άλσος Ακαδημίας Πλάτωνος from SGT | OCC on Vimeo.

Onassis Foundation - Visual Dialogues 2013 exhibition trailer

Visual Dialogues 2013 Exhibition - Onassis Cultural Centre (GR)


Bill Psarras - Urban Halo (5:58)


The Visual Dialogues 2013 leave the confines of the OCC to transform the Plato’s Academy Leisure Park into an ideal space for exhibiting works inspired by the great Greek poet, C.P. Cavafy.

This year, the Visual Dialogues, which the OCC is staging for the third time, mark the 150th anniversary of the birth and 80th anniversary of the death of the great poet, C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933). A stroll through the Plato’s Academy Leisure Parkbecomes a journey around works by 10 contemporary Greek and international artists which deal with the presence of ancient Greek thought in Cavafy’s poetry. New and original art-works using modern technologies(video screenings, digital images, photographs and animation etc.) are shown in architectural constructions which become a compass for a journey with a difference.

Exhibition curator: Marilena V. Karra

List of Artists

Academic Advisor: Anastasios-Ioannis D. Metaxas 
Designer of Ιnitiatives of the Archive: Afroditi Panagiotakou
Scholarly Advisor: Dimitris Papanikolaou
Project Manager: Theodoros Chiotis

This discussion forms part of the “Greek thought in dialogue: Experiential learning programmes” project, which is itself part of the “Academy of Plato: the State and the Citizen” Action implemented within the framework of the Education and Lifelong Learning Programme co-funded by the EU (European Social Fund) and national funds.


"Lighting Talks" Virtual Graduate Symposium (London/Toronto)

I am going to give a talk at the Lighting Talks Virtual graduate symposium; organized between Goldsmiths University of London (Goldsmiths Digital Studios and Design department, UK) and OCAD (Ontario College of Arts and Design, Canada), which will take place on Friday 18th of October 2013. It will be available on Goldsmiths, Ontario College and online streaming. My talk is part of the ‘Urban Frontiers’ panel (Moderator: Kate Sellen / Martha Ladly).


Conference talk at Radical Space Conference [London]

On 20th of October, I will also give a conference talk at the Radical Space conference - organized by the Centre of Cultural Studies, which will take place at University of East London premises. My paper (panelContemporary Psychogeographies) will focus on the metaphor of “weaving” which stems from Michel de Certeau’s standpoint of the walking as an action that ‘weaves spaces together’ (1984). The paper will cover issues of contemporary flanerie, which goes into an attentiveness of the personal and collective emotion by reflecting on one of my latest walking works; ‘Emotive Circle' (Athens, 2013). Further information can be found on Radical Space conference’s page.


Conference talk at Art of Walking International conference [Lyon]

On 9th of October 2013, I will be giving a conference talk at the the Art of Walking: Pedestrian Mobility in Literature, Philosophy and the Arts from the 18th to 21st century conference, which will take place at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon/CNRS. My paper (panel: Urban Flaneurs) will focus on the intersections of actions, senses and metaphors of the contemporary flaneur through embodied media art practices within the 21st century city. Further information on the context of conference can be accessed here (link)