Conference talk at ISEA 2013 International Conference [Australia]

On Tuesday 11 June 2013, I presented a paper talk - co-written with Stacey Pitsillides and Anastasios Maragiannis at ISEA 2013 International Conference, which took place in Syndey, Australia. The paper entitled ‘Derive in the Digital Grid, Breaking the Search to Get Lost' (Authors: Bill Psarras, Stacey Pitsillides, Anastasios Maragiannis) was part of the “Digital Narratives and E-Literature” panel; chaired by Chris Caines. More information can be found here: ISEA 2013 Conference

Conference talk at Emotional Geographies International Conference [Groningen]

On the 1st of July 2013, I will be giving a talk as part of the Senses and the City panel of 4th International Conference of Emotional Geographies, which will take place in Groningen (Netherlands, 1-3 July 2013). My talk is entitled ‘The Sensorial Neo-Flaneur: Botanizing on the Senses through Urban Walking as Embodied Media Art Practice’. For more information on the conference itself, please refer to the following page of conference.

Conference talk at Hybrid City International conference [Athens]

On the 23rd of May, I will be giving a talk at Hybrid City International Conference, which going to take place in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. There will also be printed Proceedings of the Conference, where a full paper of mine is also published. My talk and paper is entitled “Hybrid walking as art: Approaches and Art Practices on Revealing the Emotional Geographies of Tube Stations”. I’ll be glad to meet some of you there. Apart from the website of the conference, there is also a Facebook page.

Conference talk at Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces [York University]

On the 10th of April, I will give a talk at TaRPA Performance and New Technologies Inter-Conference 2013, at York St. John University (York, UK). The title of the conference is Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains My talk entitled “The Urban Emotional Antenna: Tuning metaphors and actions of the walking artist/flaneur”, will be part of the panel ‘Dispersed Intimacies’ - chaired by Maria Chatzichristodoulou. The full abstracts can be seen here:  

ROOMS2013 Exhibition at Greek National Channel ET1

ROOMS 2013 Contemporary Art Exhibition was presented at the last culture show of Greek Channel ET1  ’The Age of Images’ (31/1/2013); followed by a discussion of G. Kappatos (Kappatos Gallery director) and journalist K. Zacharopoulou. Emotive Circle installation was presented among other artworks of the show.

Watch all the episode online via ET1 National Channel [only in Greek] 

Bill Psarras - Emotive Circle [ROOMS 2013 Exhibition]

Trailer from the forthcoming audiovisual piece of Bill Psarras entitled Emotive Circle, which gonna be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Show ‘Rooms2013’ of Kappatos Gallery in Athens, Greece. Curator of the installation: Maria Maragou

Rooms2013 Contemporary Art Show - Kappatos Gallery (Greece)

Bill Psarras will exhibit his latest audiovisual work Emotive Circle [curation: Maria Maragou] at Rooms 2013 Contemporary Art Show of Kappatos Gallery at St. George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens, Greece. Exhibition opening: 24th January 2013, 20:00. More information at: and

A second exhibition entitled Rooms 2013 Plus+ will run from Saturday 26th January until 23 February 2013 at Kappatos Gallery [Athens, Greece], where Psarras will show further printed works from his work Emotive Circle. 

VIDEOMEDEJA International Video Festival (Serbia)

Apollo Poetics video piece was accepted to be part of the VIDEOMEDEJA 16th International Video Festival which will take place between 14th and 16th of December 2012 at Novi Sod, Serbia. 

Art Up! Goethe Institut (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey)

Bill Psarras was invited to be part and is one of the Greek artists for the new project entitled ‘Art Up: Media Arts in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey’, of Goethe Institute which is just initiated. The project will run across the three Goethe Institutes (Athens, Ankara, Sofia) and will host a series of exhibitions, online presentations, workshops, seminars and interesting writings from curators and media theorists; focusing mostly in the fields of media and new media arts, virtual reality, social media and more. The website will act as an online platform of artists’ profiles [bio, works, links]. For more information please access the website:

NECS International Conference (Lisbon)

Bill Psarras presented at NECS 2012 International conference which took place in Lisbon (Portugal) between Wednesday 20 and Saturday 23 of June. A pre-constituted panel had been formed by Bill Psarras (UK), Athanasia Daphne Dragona(Greece) and Rocio von Jungenfeld (UK) with the name ‘Mapping Urban Memory: Towards a new media approach of everyday life’. The panel talks referred to issues of urban memory (personal and collective) and how this is presented through the lens of digital mapping  and media art. Chair of panel was Ingrid Stigsdotter (Sweden), lecturer in Film studies and Urban landscape at Linnaeus University. 

TEDx Lviv 2011 (Ukraine)

Bill Psarras, “Catch me if you can, Find me if you google” work were presented among other artists/participants of Doc-Art project, by the organizer of Doc.Art project, Irina Markova and Olena Oak [title: Spontaneity], at the 2011 TEDxLviv, in Ukraine.

International Video Art Festival Miden (Greece)

Apollo Poetics was selected to be part of the 2012 Festival Miden screenings. It will be screened among other international artists in the theme section ‘2084’ on Saturday 7th of July 2012. 

Thursday Club: Emerging Art Practice (panel talk)

The Thursday Club (supported by Goldsmiths Digital Studios and Goldsmiths Graduate School) presents: The last in a series called Emergent Practices A monthly series of interdepartmental, knowledge sharing panels at Goldsmiths, curated by Mafalda Dâmaso (Dept of Visual Cultures) January to May 2012

Speculative art practices 

Name: Bill Psarras (Arts and Computational Technology)
Title: Botanizing on the non-places: new media geographies of everyday life 

Name: Gabriel Menotti (Media and Communications) 
Title: Curating, self-differing, provoking anomalies 

Name: Tobie Kerridge (Design)
Title: Speculative design and public engagement

Goldsmiths Symposium ‘Theorizing Otherness’ Talk

Tomorrow, I am giving a talk on Goldsmiths Annual Symposium, which this year’s title is ‘Theorizing Otherness’. The speech is an overview of my ongoing PhD subject and it is entitled ‘Emotive Terrains’; a short talk on the rapprochement of urban non-place (stations, airports, zone-areas) emotion and psychogeography through the new media context. Chairman: Professor Les Back 


Washington Project for the Arts/Experimental Media 2012

Apollo Poetics will be screened today (26 April) at Washington Project for the Arts (USA) - Experimental Media 2012 and at Artisphere space in Arilington, Vancouver on May 10 2012!