Album teaser for my newest album ‘Terminal Stories’

'Terminal Stories' album out

Terminal Stories’ is the newest album of Bill Psarras. Its concept is centered around the ambiguous nature of clouds and terminals. Ten guitar instrumental compositions based on acoustic melodies, constitute a soundtrack atmosphere with either a progressive rock and other times ambient touch.

Music composed, arranged and played by Bill Psarras 
Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitars: Bill Psarras 
Drums Programming: Bill Psarras 
Artwork design: Bill Psarras 
Recorded during July - September 2013 
Location: London, UK 
Total Running Time: 38:03’
Release Date: 24 September 2013 

'The Terminal' group exhibition (London)

Two recent video works of mine were invited to be screened in the live art project / group exhibition ‘The Terminal’, organized by Something Human curatorial team in partnership with PUSH and SEA Arts Festival. The concept of the exhibition is strongly based on the notion of non-place (Marc Auge) and in-betweeness. 

Date: 25 - 27 October 2013 || Location: London (UK)

My latest work Emotive Circle (41’ min) is available in Vimeo (English subtitles). It is a work I exhibited earlier this year as part of ROOMS 2013 exhibition of Kappatos Gallery, in Athens. 


Concept, Direction and Creation by Bill Psarras

Walking and Discussion: Bill Psarras and S. Ntzioras

Cinematography - Photography: Nikolas Grigoriou, Dimitris Dermousis

Additional Cinematography and Sound recording: Bill Psarras

Montage: Bill Psarras

Subtitling: Nadia Georgiou

The artist would also like to thank: Janis Jefferies and Lanfranco Aceti.

Bill Psarras © 2013. All rights reserved 

'Emotive Circle' is a walking-oriented artwork with actual and poetic implications towards an emotional geography of Athens in the current times of crisis. An essay film derived from the sensorial and emotional experience of the walkers.

On 22nd of November 2012, Bill Psarras conducted a 7 hours shared walk of cyclical shape with an invited co-walker, around the Lycabettus mount at the centre of Athens, Greece. The artist intended to walk, sense and express their emotion while walking and talking into a metaphorical interrelation between the social crisis (city) and personal one (self). His intention of walking a circle was to conduct a metaphorical “weaving” of the different areas around Lycabettus mount - areas with different social, spatial and historical ambiances.

Bill Psarras concept draws connections to the great cultural icon of W. Benjamin’s ‘flaneur’ by bringing it into the 21st century city of multiple contradictions. The walk was documented through filming, sound recording, notes and GPS data. Apart from ‘Emotive Circle’ (film), the outputs of such artistic walking experience also consist of a series of maps and audiovisual collages.

'Emotive Circle' film was exhibited as a mixed media installation in the annual exhibition of contemporary art of emerging Greek artists; ROOMS2013 of Kappatos Gallery (Athens); from 24th of January - 10th of February 2013.

(The original quality of film is full HD)

Film screening at Oriel Q Gallery (Wales)

One of my past video/animation works; Apollo Poetics (2011) was exhibited at Oriel Q gallery’s film screenings (Wales) during April 2013, among ten other works; selected internationally. 

Walking Portraits: Performing Asphalts [screening / Netherlands]

Walking Portraits: Performing Asphalts (2012) - a rhythmical audiovisual portrait based on a series of walking performances in London stations - will be screened in the exhibition framework of the International Conference of Emotional Geographies, in Groningen (Netherlands). Date: 3 July 2013 

'Reeling the Real' Prize goes to B.Psarras [Cinematique Festival, UK]

Walking Portraits: Performing Asphalts [2012] won the Reeling the Real Prize of Cinematique Student Film Festival 2013, which took place in London! Among other filmmakers from universities around Great Britain (RCA, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Surrey e.t.c.), Cinematique awarded Bill Psarras for his walking art video in the category of best non-fiction/experimental. 

Conference talk at ISEA 2013 International Conference [Australia]

On Tuesday 11 June 2013, I presented a paper talk - co-written with Stacey Pitsillides and Anastasios Maragiannis at ISEA 2013 International Conference, which took place in Syndey, Australia. The paper entitled ‘Derive in the Digital Grid, Breaking the Search to Get Lost' (Authors: Bill Psarras, Stacey Pitsillides, Anastasios Maragiannis) was part of the “Digital Narratives and E-Literature” panel; chaired by Chris Caines. More information can be found here: ISEA 2013 Conference

Conference talk at Emotional Geographies International Conference [Groningen]

On the 1st of July 2013, I will be giving a talk as part of the Senses and the City panel of 4th International Conference of Emotional Geographies, which will take place in Groningen (Netherlands, 1-3 July 2013). My talk is entitled ‘The Sensorial Neo-Flaneur: Botanizing on the Senses through Urban Walking as Embodied Media Art Practice’. For more information on the conference itself, please refer to the following page of conference.

Conference talk at Hybrid City International conference [Athens]

On the 23rd of May, I will be giving a talk at Hybrid City International Conference, which going to take place in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. There will also be printed Proceedings of the Conference, where a full paper of mine is also published. My talk and paper is entitled “Hybrid walking as art: Approaches and Art Practices on Revealing the Emotional Geographies of Tube Stations”. I’ll be glad to meet some of you there. Apart from the website of the conference, there is also a Facebook page.

Conference talk at Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces [York University]

On the 10th of April, I will give a talk at TaRPA Performance and New Technologies Inter-Conference 2013, at York St. John University (York, UK). The title of the conference is Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains My talk entitled “The Urban Emotional Antenna: Tuning metaphors and actions of the walking artist/flaneur”, will be part of the panel ‘Dispersed Intimacies’ - chaired by Maria Chatzichristodoulou. The full abstracts can be seen here:  

ROOMS2013 Exhibition at Greek National Channel ET1

ROOMS 2013 Contemporary Art Exhibition was presented at the last culture show of Greek Channel ET1  ’The Age of Images’ (31/1/2013); followed by a discussion of G. Kappatos (Kappatos Gallery director) and journalist K. Zacharopoulou. Emotive Circle installation was presented among other artworks of the show.

Watch all the episode online via ET1 National Channel [only in Greek] 

Bill Psarras - Emotive Circle [ROOMS 2013 Exhibition]

Trailer from the forthcoming audiovisual piece of Bill Psarras entitled Emotive Circle, which gonna be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Show ‘Rooms2013’ of Kappatos Gallery in Athens, Greece. Curator of the installation: Maria Maragou

Rooms2013 Contemporary Art Show - Kappatos Gallery (Greece)

Bill Psarras will exhibit his latest audiovisual work Emotive Circle [curation: Maria Maragou] at Rooms 2013 Contemporary Art Show of Kappatos Gallery at St. George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens, Greece. Exhibition opening: 24th January 2013, 20:00. More information at: and

A second exhibition entitled Rooms 2013 Plus+ will run from Saturday 26th January until 23 February 2013 at Kappatos Gallery [Athens, Greece], where Psarras will show further printed works from his work Emotive Circle. 

VIDEOMEDEJA International Video Festival (Serbia)

Apollo Poetics video piece was accepted to be part of the VIDEOMEDEJA 16th International Video Festival which will take place between 14th and 16th of December 2012 at Novi Sod, Serbia.