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• Bill Psarras (2014) Performative Flaneur: Orchestrating Senses, Situations and Data in the CityPerforming Place #2 Symposium [along with D. McCormack (Oxford) and J. Skinner (Roehampton)] Dept. of Dance and Performing Arts, 14 June 2014, University of Chichester, Chichester [UK]


• Bill Psarras (2014) Altering the metaphor of “botanizing” in the 21st century city, The British Sociological Association Annual Conference “Changing Society”, Panel: Cities, Space, Mobilities, Place (chair: Dr. Robin Smith), University of Leeds, Leeds [UK] 

• Bill Psarras, Stacey Pitsilides, Anastasios Maragiannis (2013) Derive in the Digital Grid, Breaking the Search to Get Lost, In: Cleland, K., Fisher, L. & Harley, R. (eds.) Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney. [Australia]

•Bill Psarras (2013), Hybrid Walking as Art: Approaches and art practices on revealing the emotional geographies of tube stationsProceedings of 2nd Hybrid City International Conference, Charitos, D., Theona, I., Dragona, D., Rizopoulos, H. and Meimaris, M. (eds.), Research Institute of Applied Communication, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, pp. 415-422. ISBN 978-960-99791-1-5. Athens [Greece] 

•Bill Psarras (2013), Towards a 21st century urban flaneur: “Botanizing”, “weaving” and “tuning” actions and senses through embodied media art practices, The Art of Walking International Conference, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon/CNRS, Lyon [France]

• Bill Psarras (2013), The Sensorial Neo-Flaneur: Botanizing and walking in the city as embodied media art practice, ‘Senses and City’ panel, 4th International Conference on Emotional Geographies, University of Groningen, Groningen [Netherlands]

•Bill Psarras (2013), The flaneur goes ‘weaving’: Actions and metaphors of a shared spatial story, Radical Space International Conference, CCSR Centre, University of East London, London [UK]

• Bill Psarras (2013), The Urban Emotional Antenna: ‘Tuning’ metaphors and actions of the walking artist/flaneur, TaRPA Performance and New Technologies Inter-Conference “Becoming Nomad”, York St John University, York [UK]

 Bill Psarras (2012), Botanizing on the Urban Data: Walking and Sensing Non-Places, In ‘Mapping Urban Memory’ panel with Daphne Dragona and Rocio Jungenfeld, 7th NECS International Conference, New University of Lisbon and University of Coimbra, Lisbon [Portugal]

• Bill Psarras (2014) Augmenting the artist-flaneur: “Botanizing”, “weaving” and “tuning” the geographies of urban experienceMetamorphoses of Corporeality: Art-Body-Technology, 2-day Symposium with Proceedings, Dept. of AudioVisual Arts - Ionian University, Corfu [GR]

Bill Psarras, Andreas Floros, Marianne Strapatsakis (2009) Elevator: Emotional Tracking Using AudioVisual Interaction, Proceedings of AES 126th Worldwide Convention, (pre-print 7657, AES E-Library), Munich [Germany]



•  Bill Psarras, Andreas Floros, Konstantinos Drosos and Marianne Strapatsakis (2011) Emotional Control and Visual Representation Using Advanced Audiovisual Interaction, IJART: International Journal of Arts and Technology, [special issue: Interactive Experiences in Multimedia and Augmented Environments], Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 480-498. [link]


• Bill Psarras (2013) On a contemporary artist flaneur of the city: Bill Psarras ‘Walking Portraits’ and ‘Emotive Circle’ artworks, ‘The Visual Urbanist’ Online newsletter of the International Association of Visual Urbanists (iAVU), 3rd Edition, December 2013,  Available online at: [link]

• Bill Psarras (2014) Interview at Peripheral ARTeries Art Review MagazinePeripheral ARTeries Magazine, Online Magazine, Vol. March 2014,  Available online at: [link]

• Bill Psarras (2014) The Time and Space of the City: An Interview with Bill Psarras (to Dr. Eva Kekou)4HUMANITIES, International online platform, April 2014,  Available online at: [link]


Bill Psarras (2014) Geographies on foot: Performing the mundane, Invitation for talk at ‘One:One: A Seminar on Personal Geographies, The Investigation Series curatorial platform, The Rag Factory, 27 April 2014, London [UK] 

Bill Psarras (2014) The Flaneur goes into emotional geographies of the city: Art and Geography, Talk at ‘Mapping the Modern: Spatial Aesthetics, Transnational Currents — European Doctoral Seminar in Culture, Criticism & Creativity, (Goldsmiths, Freie University of Berlin, University of Copenhagen and University of Strathclyde), 6-8 March 2014, London [UK] 

Bill Psarras (2013) Emotive Terrains: A practice-based approach on flaneur, senses and city of 21st century. Talk at ‘Lighting Talks Virtual Symposium, [Urban Frontiers panel],Goldsmiths College (UK) and Ontario College of Arts and Design (Canada), 18 October 2013, London [UK] / Ontario [CAN]

Bill Psarras (2013) Walking Artist: Artistic Approaches on Senses, Walking and the City, Talk at ‘MFA Computational Arts’ [Goldsmiths Digital Studios], 31 January 2013, Goldsmiths University of London, London [UK]

Bill Psarras (2012) Botanizing on the Non-Places: New Media Geographies of Everyday Life, ‘Thursday Club' series of talks, Speculative Art Practice session, Goldsmiths University of London, London [UK]

Bill Psarras (2012) Emotive Terrains (Doctoral framework), Goldsmiths Annual Research Symposium, Chairman: Prof. Les Back, Goldsmiths University of London, London [UK]

•  Bill Psarras (2011), Neo-Flaneur: Artistic mapping, Urban Transit Places and New Media Arts, Symposium ‘Places of Feminism/Towards a New Mapping’, State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, (paper available at CACT website) Thessaloniki [Greece]



VISUAL DIALOGUES 2013' Onassis Foundation Exhibition Trailer (2013) [link]

ROOMS 2013' Kappatos Gallery Exhibition catalogues (2013) [link

• ‘ROOMS2013’  at ET1 National Channel ‘The Age of Images’ (31/1/13) (2013)

• Goethe Institut ‘Art Up!' media arts project / online database (2012-) [link]

• Royal Academy of Arts ‘Summer Exhibition 2010' printed catalogue (2010) [link]


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  • Ολα είναι δρόμος - Συνέντευξη στην Εύα Κέκου - Popaganda (link)
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  • Περιοδικό ΑΩ (Ωνάσης), τεύχος 62, Ιανουάριος 2014, άρθρο (link)
  • ROOMS2013 Printed Catalogue | Bill Psarras Emotive Circle (by Maria Maragkou)
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• Bill Psarras, Elevator: Interactive AudioVisual Installation which Converts Provoked and Expressed Human Anger to Artistic Visual Output, Printed BA Thesis upon the original concept of Bill Psarras, Library of AudioVisual Arts department, 120 p. Ionian University 2008-2009 [GR]

  Bill Psarras, Visual Landscapes and the Garden of Pixels: Reaching the Ambiance through the Use of Slow Motion in Digital Video, Printed MA Thesis part of final exhibition, 30 p. Camberwell College of Arts / University of the Arts London 2009-2010 [UK]


  Bill Psarras (2009-2010) ‘Nexus’ Conceptual Notes: 7 Selected Writings, printed text part of Nexus installation’s exhibition [UK] (available in English and Greek)

  Bill Psarras (2013) poem for “Αστικό Φωτοστέφανο” (Urban Halo) commissioned video piece for Visual Dialogues 2013 [curation: Marilena B. Karra] for Onassis Cultural Centre [Greece] 



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